Our Staff

Friendly, Caring, and Professional

Driving Miss Daisy staff are passionate about improving the quality of life for those that need our services. They are hand-picked by our head office and are considered leaders in the senior service industry.

All Driving Miss Daisy staff possess:

  • Approved background checks
  • Clean drivers abstracts
  • CPR/First Aid certification
  • Legislated automobile insurance
  • Commercial general liability insurance
  • Commercial Accessible Parking Permits
  • A friendly, caring attitude

A Message From The Founder

Driving Miss Daisy was born out of a love for seniors and those with disabilities. At the age of 51 and my family grown and gone, I found myself searching for an alternative to the daily grind of being a medical office manager. I made the decision to semi-retire and follow my dream of putting something back into the community where I lived.

I put my heart and energy into providing a service that was nowhere to be found. I collaborated with seniors’ residences and organizations and offered to provide caring, patient and helpful assistance and accompaniment to those that were challenged by poor mobility, failing eyesight and dementia.

I provided a through the door service. I helped clients gather their needs for outings, took them to medical appointments, shopping and various other venues. When returning home, I would assist with packages, put groceries away and do any other tasks that made their lives easier. I would leave only when I knew my clients were settled and comfortable. My clients became my friends and I became an avenue of independence and companionship for them. It was a win win!!

Within 6 months of operation, I found myself on the highway to success doing what I loved. I had more clients than I could service and many inquiries from others that wished to provide the same service. After exploring various options, I made a decision to franchise the Driving Miss Daisy Corporation and franchise sales commenced in the Edmonton, Alberta area.

All Franchisees have been ‘hand-picked’ by our Corporate Team and are security cleared, have clean drivers abstracts and CPR/First Aid certification.  In addition, all Franchisees carry regulated automobile insurance as well as commercial general liability for outside the vehicle.

I have had franchise inquiries from all over the world, which then prompted me to do consulting work for others. Similar services are now up and operating in Michigan, New York, Hawaii, Virginia, Colorado and New Zealand.

I owe my success to the Driving Miss Daisy franchise team. They continually uphold my values and concerns for a segment of our population that others had nearly forgotten about. I sincerely thank them for a job well done.

The Driving Miss Daisy team may be in your area and able to help you and your loved ones – I encourage you to give us a try. Driving Miss Daisy is “Accompanying you to a fuller life”.

No time for retirement! I have been inspired by my clients, thrilled with my team and will continue this path until I need a Daisy in my life to look after me!

– Bev Halisky