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Name: Sharrie
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By Appointment
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A short time ago, an immediate family member had a medical emergency, which required a trip to the Emergency Department of her local hospital. She was then transferred to a larger hospital 3 hours away from her home. She was in her 80’s and all alone. I was at least a 5-hour drive away and the only family member available to help her at that time. She spent 4 days undergoing neurological and cardiac testing in the Emergency Department, as there were no patient beds available.She was stressed, scared and worried about her future. Her memory was not at its best, and she was having difficulty remembering what happened and relaying pertinent information to her team of Specialists. I had a chance to speak with a male nurse about this type of situation. He said he saw a number of patients in her position, without family members nearby to help liaison between patient and Doctor and/or keeping them company while they waited for a prognosis/diagnosis. In today’s society it is a struggle to raise a family, as generally both parents need to earn an income. It is increasingly difficult for adult children to accompany their Senior family members to their regular appointments. These Seniors do not want to be a burden to their already stressed children. They want to remain independent, in homes they are familiar with and comfortable in. This conversation made me think. I am happy that this medical emergency turned out to be just a scare, and she was able to return to her home to recuperate, with a slight change to her medication. I realized this was the type of service I wanted to be able to provide for others. After doing some research, I discovered the Driving Miss Daisy website.

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