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Thunder Bay

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Name: Janice
Hours of Operation:
7 am to 5 pm, evenings and weekends by special arrangement
Cell Phone: 807 630-0890


As a long time Thunder Bay resident I take great pleasure in helping people in the community that I have lived in, worked in, and enjoyed for so many years. Driving Miss Daisy provides our more vulnerable Thunder Bay residents with a service that is much more than being picked up and dropped off at appointments.  This can range from assistance with grocery shopping to accompanying a loved one to a doctor’s appointment and possibly dropping a prescription off at a pharmacy on our way home. We have two senior friendly vehicles that can accommodate clients requiring walkers or smaller folding wheelchairs as long as the client can transfer. We also have a vehicle that is fully wheelchair accessible so we can also accommodate clients that are living with a disability. Clients are accompanied in comfort to wherever they need or want to go in Thunder Bay. “From the time we meet them at their door – we are focused on them.”  Our “through the door service” means we will come into their home to assist in getting ready if required.  We will do the same at our destination ensuring they arrive safely and get where they need to be. I find the richness of this business comes from the in between moments:  finding canes, helping pick the nicest coat, or hearing funny stories from days long ago. COVID-19 Pandemic Update: We have been deemed an essential service during this unprecedented time. Current and new Driving Miss Daisy clients are screened when making an appointment.  They are asked if they have any symptoms as well as COVID 19 exposure questions.   They will be asked if at any time prior to or on the day of their appointment, they are not feeling well to contact me.    We can provide them with direction regarding medical attention and we can assist them in rebooking their appointment. All vehicles have a barrier shield installed between the front and back seat including the wheelchair van.  All staff wear a mask and are COVID-19 tested on a bi-weekly basis.  Clients need to ride in the backseat, making them a true “Driving Miss Daisy” however, if unable to, they can ride in the front seat but only if they are wearing a mask.  We perform disinfecting wiping between clients and continue to perform a weekly deep cleaning of the vehicles. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  Please stay safe and take good care.  Janice "Driving Miss Daisy services are amazingly appropriate for my needs.  As a wheelchair bound client I appreciate not having to transfer into a vehicle. I feel safe. The Client Service Providers are pleasant, helpful and phenomenal.  "Miss Daisy's" service is so much more than just a ride."    Patty F "Our experience with Driving Miss Daisy has made a tremendous difference in our lives.  It is very helpful not being dropped off; it is the extra personal service and attentiveness.  There is a sense of caring and compassion and we really have the feeling of being a true client."    Jean A.

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Cash, cheque, VISA , MasterCard, ETransfer and monthly invoicing

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